Brendan Corkery Why Food Trucks Are A Great Career Option

Brendan Corkery

October 1, 2020

 Brendan Corkery has seen many food trucks open up near him in recent years, a fact that he believes is no coincidence. The growing popularity of these food trucks – and the many advantages they provide entrepreneurs – make them an excellent choice. Those interested in a restaurant career may want to know why Brendan Corkery finds them such a great option for those who want to become a restaurant entrepreneur.

Why Brendan Corkery Loves Food Trucks

Brendan Corkery believes that a good food truck can complement your regular restaurant and significant entrepreneurial value to your portfolio. If you own one or more brick and mortar restaurants, a food truck can take your meals to new customers and new places. And Brendan Corkery states some people prefer starting a food truck and focusing on it as their primary source of income. This has its advantages too.

Brendan Corkery emphasizes the freedom of the food truck as a significant draw. You don’t have to feel tied to a specific area or even a city if you buy a food truck. You can move wherever you want, he states, which increases your business opportunities. And for those who wish to travel and experience many unique parts of the world, the food truck is an excellent investment, Brendan Corkery says, predominantly when staffed by a couple who love spending time together and who want to run a business as partners.

And this type of adventure is also fun, Brendan Corkery says, if you experiment with your recipes and create tastes that nobody else will produce. The idea behind a good food truck is to create a unique but straightforward menu that buyers can’t get anywhere else. So go crazy, Brendan Corkery says, and create meals that you want to eat. Doing so not only makes this business way more fun than a standard business but also enhances your chances of attracting a more extensive potential clientele.

Though owning a food truck is a significant advantage, Brendan Corkery does note a few drawbacks that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. For example, you may find getting loans tough without good collateral. Try to use success in other restaurant fields to show you can handle a food truck. And make sure that you pay attention to the rules in your state and city – these can be quite strict on food trucks. Make sure you’re ready to adapt to handle these needs, Brendan Corkery says.

Brendan CorkeryAbout Brendan Corkery

Over the years, Brendan Corkery has become a leader in the foodservice industry. As a respected entrepreneur, he owns several successful restaurant chains that focus on homestyle cooking and a myriad of delicious recipes. His successful management style has created a series of successful local restaurant chains that source their food locally to create regional favorites that are hard to top.