Brendan Corkery: Sourcing Locally May Help Restaurants With Covid-Related Supply Chain Issues

Brendan Corkery

December 18, 2020

Brendan Corkery: Sourcing Locally May Help Restaurants With Covid-Related Supply Chain Is

Brendan Corkery has watched the spread of Covid-19 over the last year and has adapted his business model accordingly. One thing he did not have to change was his dedication to locally-sourced food. For many years, he has relied on locally-grown food to supply his restaurants and has reaped many benefits. And he believes that restaurants suffering from supply-chain problems can utilize local food to stay open.

Brendan Corkery

Why Brendan Corkery Focuses on Locally-Sourcing Food

For years, Brendan Corkery has only used locally-sourced food in his restaurants. This approach is one he takes to support his community and to get the freshest ingredients possible. Even better, this step has come back to provide significant benefits for his restaurants during the Covid-19 era. While other restaurants have had supply-chain problems, Brendan Corkery has been just fine.

The source of these supply-chain concerns is obvious – Covid-19 has shut down many food processing plants and caused other widespread issues in the community. Even worse, many Brendan Corkery says, the delivery trucks that bring food have been shut down, or transportation strained due to sickness and high demand. And Brendan Corkery has seen his competitors suffer.

For example, he has seen many restaurants shut down due to Covid-19 related issues because they just didn’t have enough ingredients for their dishes. And Brendan Corkery has seen many people who supported these restaurants abandoning them in frustration. Though doing so hardly seems fair, he understands that many are frustrated during this challenging period.

However, Brendan Corkery has avoided these problems by keeping his focus on locally-sourced food. Instead of struggling with supply-chain shutdowns, he receives fresh ingredients daily from his many nearby providers. And these businesses thrive thanks to Brendan Corkery and others like him who source locally, ensuring that competition remains strong here for years to come.

Therefore, Brendan Corkery suggests switching to locally-sourced food as soon as possible to prevent any problems with a restaurant. Many of these local businesses are still open and working hard to ensure that they meet their customers’ needs. And Brendan Corkery says that investing in community companies like these helps an area stay strong and avoids bankruptcies and other issues.

Doing so is essential to do sooner rather than later, Brendan Corkery argues. Too many restaurants are changing or trying to switch to locally-grown food when suppliers are getting low or when competitors have already moved in and taken their place. As a result, restaurants that haven’t yet taken steps need to do so as soon as possible to ensure that more Covid outbreaks don’t cause supply chain nightmares.