Brendan Corkery Offers Restaurant Entrepreneurs Expert Advice on Managing Well During COVID-19

Brendan Corkery

March 1, 2021

Restaurant Entrepreneurs Expert Advice on Managing Well During COVID-19

Brendan Corkery draws on his extensive restaurant management experience to offer expert advice on managing well during COVID-19.


AKRON, OHIO / Since the discovery of the virus that causes COVID-19 in the United States early in 2020, restaurateurs have struggled to stay profitable. Restaurant owners and managers across the nation have lost revenue due to local public health regulations and, as a result, have been forced to be innovative when it comes to business essentials such as employee retention and client engagement. “Restaurants in this climate are really struggling. Restaurant managers have a lot more than normal on our plates. Over the past year, we’ve had to make substantial changes to processes, work[ with employees to implement new procedures, make changes to ensure workers’ safety in the face of COVID-19, and come up with ways to keep clients engaged, all while remaining profitable. We moved quickly and implemented several changes last spring, several of which have helped us stay above water,” says Brendan Corkery, an expert restaurateur in Colorado.


Brendan Corkery identifies staying engaged with clients as a core element of his success. “Having a great relationship with your clients is essential now more than ever. It’s critical to pay attention to your client’s concerns and needs. Customers have different levels of comfort when it comes to eating out these days,” says Brendan Corkery. “Our restaurants lost some revenue as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions, but we came up with alternative ways of serving clients, some of which have been extremely popular. We began offering a wider range of services, and we really had to get creative here. As soon as the pandemic broke out, we immediately increased our emphasis on take-out meals, which was something that took a bit of brainstorming since most of our restaurants are local establishments that succeed based on personal relationships with clients,” continues Brendan Corkery.


Flexibility has been key to Brendan Corkery’s management success. “Soon after we began thinking about how to address the COIVD-19 pandemic, it became clear that we’d need to be adaptable. Things have moved incredibly quickly over the past year. We’ve had to scrap some ideas we thought would be fantastic. Others that we didn’t think would work turned out to be spot on and extremely effective, says Brendan Corkery.


Ensuring open lines of communication with employees has also been critical to Brendan Corkery’s success. “Our restaurants are neighborhood institutions, and the health and safety of our co-workers is something we take very seriously. Managing well in times of COVID-19 has meant paying attention to our employees’ specific needs. One person might need extra time to care for an elderly parent, and another might need a bit more flexibility because of child-care issues. Quality service requires experience. We’ve managed to keep the vast majority of our employees by being willing to engage with each co-worker. We listen to their individual concerns and work together to come up with mutually-beneficial solutions. The results have simply been fantastic. We’ve had record profits, and that pretty much speaks for itself,” says Brendan Corkery.