Brendan Corkery Examines the Benefits of Sourcing Food Locally

Brendan Corkery

November 9, 2020

Brendan CorkeryBrendan Corkery has helped many restaurants reach their peak strength in recent years and has become a trusted specialist in this field. Recently, he discussed the importance of sourcing food locally instead of relying on long-distance national chains. Though it may seem like it would be cheaper and easier to go with these more prominent brands, the truth is that locally-sourced food is much better for your restaurant, he says.

Why Brendan Corkery Suggests Sourcing Food Locally

When you’re opening up a new restaurant, you may be tempted to get the cheapest possible food supplier to keep your costs down. Brendan Corkery understands this instinct but thinks it an unwise one. Do you want to develop a reputation for cheap or bland food that tastes like everybody else? Then source food from significant corporations, Brendan Corkery says. But if you want tasty food that stands out, source locally for all your ingredients. But what other benefits does this practice provide for you? Many, according to Corkery.

First of all, Brendan Corkery is no stranger to local sourcing. As an entrepreneur in the restaurant field, he has focused on using only the best local ingredients that he can find. He believes that this choice not only helps your restaurant stand out but produces real benefits for your community. But how does locally-sourced food help your restaurant stand out? Brendan Corkery explains that the benefits are varied and very diverse.

Locally-sourced food is something that you can advertise for your business, he says, bringing in locals who want to try out your restaurants and visitors who happen to be in the area. If you can say that you have only local food, Brendan Corkery says, you can brag that you showcase the area’s food in the best light and that you are trying to help this food stand out in a myriad of ways. Doing so cements your local reputation as a high-quality restaurant, too.

Just as importantly, Brendan Corkery emphasizes that local food will be fresher, often wholly organic, and easy to deliver. Though you may pay more for the food initially, your shipping costs will be much lower because you’ll be getting them from much closer. As a result, Brendan Corkery says that you can drive down your operation costs more than you might expect you would do. In fact, you’ll save more money this way than if you went with bulk national chains.

Critically, Brendan Corkery emphasizes that locally-sourced food also helps your community by supporting farmers, manufacturers, and more businesses in your area. By doubling down on your community, you enhance its economy and make it a better place to live. More practically, Brendan Corkery says that many local farmers are willing to cut deals with nearby restaurants that deal with them and not major national food corporations.