Brendan Corkery Discusses the Most Common Mistakes in Restaurant Management

Brendan Corkery

November 4, 2020

Brendan Corkery

Running a Restaurant Is Hard and There Are a Lot of Common Mistakes that Brendan Corkery Is Here To Discuss


Nobody ever said that running a restaurant is easy. There is a lot of information that managers and owners have to keep in mind. While the restaurant industry can be very exciting, it is also competitive. Therefore, it is important for everyone to keep a few of the most common mistakes in mind. Brendan Corkery is an authority in the field and he is here to share his wisdom with anyone who would like to run a restaurant either now or in the future. 


Brendan Corkery Discusses Skimping on the Costs of Training the Right Staff

Brendan CorkeryOne of the most common mistakes that people make is skimping on the cost of training the right staff. In order for a restaurant to run effectively, Brendan Corkery knows that they need to hire the right people. Then, Brendan Corkery recommends that everyone try to make sure they train them properly. Even the smartest people working in a restaurant need to be given the right tools to succeed. This is why training matters. It is the people in the restaurant that make the restaurant go and when customers come in, they want to receive a positive first impression. This is why it is important to hire the right people.


Brendan Corkery Discusses the Mistake of Trying to Build a Menu That Is Too Large

Brendan Corkery knows that all restaurants want to make sure they serve delicious food. At the same time, there is a saying that if a restaurant tries to serve great dishes, they need to know their identity. One of the most common mistakes that restaurant managers make is that they try to build a menu that is too large. It is impossible to do everything perfectly, so Brendan Corkery recommends that restaurants try to focus on a few menu items and serve them well. By keeping the focus of the menu relatively narrow, restaurants are going to be able to keep their overhead costs low and serve delicious menu items consistently. 


Brendan Corkery Discusses the Problem of Overlooking the Guests in the Restaurant

Finally, Brendan Corkery also wants everyone to know that it is incredibly common for restaurant managers to overlook the experience of the guests. Yes, it is important to hire the right people and invest in good food; however, it is also very common that restaurant managers do not think about the guests. Remember that people who go out to eat at a restaurant are also paying for the atmosphere. Therefore, restaurant managers need to think about how they are going to pair the food with the atmosphere. By pairing the atmosphere with the food, Brendan Corkery knows that everyone can be successful.