Brendan Corkery Discusses The Likely Future of the Food Service Industry

Brendan Corkery

December 30, 2020

Brendan Corkery recently discussed the likely future of the foodservice industry following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The foodservice industry has never looked like it does in 2020. The entire industry was completely altered when the pandemic took hold. Doors were shuttered and those that didn’t close were forced to adjust to contactless deliveries, strict sanitation requirements, and more. Brendan Corkery is an entrepreneur known for the success of his local Colorado restaurant chains. He recently discussed new trends we can expect to see in the restaurant industry in 2021 and beyond.

“Sanitation and safety have always been essential parts of the restaurant industry,” Brendan Corkery said. “Now, our customers are realizing they’re more important than ever.”

Brendan Corkery stated that in addition to the usual sanitation measures restaurants were taking, they’ll now continue to sanitize other surfaces more often, including door handles, computer keyboards, chairs, tables, and more. The use of face masks and regular health checks are expected to continue well into the new year.

Brendan Corkery“We’re seeing a major shift in customer interest toward locally-sourced products,” Brendan Corkery said. “This is partially because people are understanding the need to support local businesses at the moment. It’s also because global food sources have become more scarce due to the pandemic. Customers around the world are leaning toward prioritizing healthy and local offerings.”

Brendan Corkery explained that while the pandemic has been detrimental to many parts of the food industry, it has brought about a couple of positive changes as well. Technologies within the food industry have become more advanced, and they’ve simplified many restaurant processes. Brendan Corkery explained that we can expect to see processes like contactless ordering, payment, and pickup continue into 2021 and even after the pandemic. Virtual tip jars and mobile ordering will likely continue as well.

“We’ve even seen innovations in artificial intelligence technologies within the restaurant industry this year,” Brendan Corkery said. “Some of the changes and innovations that have been made out of necessity due to the pandemic may have positive long-term impacts on the industry.”

Brendan Corkery explained that AI technologies have been created to help manage risk within the food industry. These new technologies are already being used in food manufacturing and distribution processes. They’re able to better regulate health and safety measures as well as the safety of employees involved in these processes.

“There’s no doubt the restaurant industry will continue to adapt and operate differently than it ever has in the past,” Brendan Corkery said. “As restaurant owners, we simply ask that customers continue supporting local businesses while we work through these trying economic times.”