Brendan Corkery Discusses Running an Eco-Friendly Restaurant: Tips, Challenges, and The Future

Brendan Corkery

October 28, 2020

With the Massive Growth of Eco-Friendly Businesses, Brendan Corkery Is Here To Discuss an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

In today’s era, customers are smarter than they ever have been in the past. Therefore, they care more about where they spend their money and who they spend their money with. This is just as true in the restaurant industry as it is anywhere else. When it comes to running a restaurant today, Brendan Corkery knows that running an eco-friendly restaurant has become incredibly popular. At the same time, there are a few unique points, tips, and challenges that face this niche area of the restaurant business.

Brendan Corkery

Brendan Corkery Discusses the Popularity of Eco-Friendly Restaurants

Sustainable restaurants have become incredibly popular recently and Brendan Corkery has a few possible reasons why. According to Brendan Corkery, one of the biggest reasons is that people have become more aware of the challenges that are facing the environment today. Therefore, people want to do their part to make sure that they take care of the planet. Another reason why these restaurants have become so popular is that there has been a shift in the manner in which people interpret the quality of their food. Now, people believe that their food is higher quality if it comes from a sustainable, organic source. As a result, these restaurants have been on the rise. 

Brendan Corkery Discusses the Challenges of Running an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

According to Brendan Corkery, there are a number of challenges that come with running this type of restaurant as well. First, the overhead expenses are going to be a bit higher because it is more expensive to source food in a sustainable format. Therefore, restaurants have to pay closer attention to their books. In addition, Brendan Corkery knows that it is not always easy to tell if the suppliers are also sustainable. With this in mind, restaurants always need to vet their suppliers and make sure they meet the standards set by the restaurant. 

Brendan Corkery Discusses Tips for Running an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

When it comes to the future of these types of restaurants, Brendan Corkery knows that this is largely dependent on how people frame their business. Therefore, according to Brendan Corkery, it is critical to advertise these businesses are much as possible. The commitment to sustainability has to be front and center because this is what separates this type of restaurant from others. Next, it is also critical to let customers know when new shipments come in and where they are coming from. Customers like transparency and they like to see where the restaurants are getting their eco-friendly ingredients. Finally, it is also important to serve eco-friendly food in a setting that is also sustainable. When the restaurant fully embraces this style, they place themselves in a position to succeed.