Brendan Corkery Breaks Down Restaurant Management in the COVID Era

Brendan Corkery

October 13, 2020

Running a restaurant in the COVID era is proving to be the greatest challenge within any of our memories. Running a restaurant is never particularly easy, but the coronavirus has turned everything upside down. It’s hard to know what decisions are the right ones, and it feels like the rules change every day. Despite it all, you can still succeed with Brendan Corkery’s two pillars of restaurant management. 

Brendan Corkery’s Thoughts on Restaurant Safety

Safety is clearly the priority of managing restaurants right now. There are more safety recommendations than items on a menu, and it can be a lot to handle, but a few core principles will get you there. Brendan Corkery identifies two primary components of COVID-related safety.

The first thing to manage is the transmission. COVID spreads from one person to another. The basics of safety all boil down to minimizing contact between people. Use social distancing. Reduce seating if you need to. Also, institute policies that prevent people from coming into direct contact with each other. Servers can let customers grab items off of a tray rather than hand things off directly. In any place you can add degrees of separation between people, Brendan Corkery says to do it.

The next key to safety is cleanliness. Restaurants need more sanitizing than ever before. Procedures have to be clear and consistent. Every surface should be sanitized after use. Cups should be replaced rather than refilled. Brendan Corkery recommends using disposable items wherever possible.

Brendan Corkery

Brendan Corkery Shows You How to Deal With Constant Change

Restaurant regulation has never changed this fast or dramatically before. COVID is still new in the grand scheme of things, and we’re all learning more about it every day. In order to try to keep up with the change, governments are constantly updating the rules, and it falls to you to ensure that your restaurant is informed and compliant. Brendan Corkery says that the key to managing change boils down to one thing: simplicity.

Simplicity has to reign supreme. If you need to reduce the capacity of your restaurant to make staffing easier, do it. Consider simplifying the menu. Likewise, you need to simplify procedures and expectations placed on the staff. It might be best to have workers solely dedicated to sanitizing. 

Brendan Corkery says that the only way to accomplish all of this is with strong and clear paths of communication. Everyone will need constant updates, so you need a reliable way to disseminate information. If that means more staff meetings, that’s one way to go. Digital communication has many options available, so consider creating a group chat with pinned posts in whatever medium suits your restaurant best.

Getting through COVID will not prove easy, but it can be done. It’s a matter of perseverance and flexibility. If you stay focused and determined and learn the lessons provided by Brendan Corkery, you can keep up with the changes and come out of this trial stronger and better than ever.